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2015-09-22 8:02 GMT+01:00 Sean Conner <>:
> [1]     Contrary to what Windows people may believe, Windows can support
>         paths with '/'.  No, really!  It can.  It has since MS-DOS 2.0
>         (1982).  It's only the shell, COMMAND.COM that can't [2]
> [2]     And it can if you call a MS-DOS function to change the option
>         character from '/' to '-'.

That's not accurate. The cmd.exe shell can deal with slashes in paths
even without replacing the options prefix, for example:

cd /D C:/
cd /Users/yourusername

Where slashes break things is in a myriad of obscure failure points
scattered in the programs (MS & 3rd-party) and even some win32 APIs.
So yeah, Windows supports forward slashes just as well as Unix
supports spaces in paths: with many pitfalls.