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> On 11/09/2015, at 9:52 am, Stefano <> wrote:
> Yes, I concede the variable names could be clearer, as soon as I have
> some spare time I'll finish the work on the human-friendly error
> reporting webpage.
> The above means that there is a module conflict (that's the section it
> belongs to) because the Lua rock named 'csv' already reserved the
> module directory 'test'.
> Please notice that right now conflicts are resolved based not on merit
> (this will change) but on lexicographical order as that's how they are
> installed, and the first rock that install something under a given
> directory (i.e. module) gets hold of it.
> The solution would be to make the modules more self-contained, i.e. by
> putting the tests in, say, mmapfile/test (same for csv which I guess
> is yours as well?).

A-ha!  This is because LuaRocks has the "feature" that it installs everything in a directory called "lua" by default, regardless of whether the files there are listed in the rock’s modules.  I actually only want the mmapfile directory installed, but the whole lot gets copied.

The solution is probably to rename my "lua" directory to "luasrc" or something, then only the bit I want copied will get copied.