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> Can you please point out to a specific rock where my distribution
> choice turns out to be an issue?

Of course they can't, they're just trolling (sorry guys but you are).

Ubuntu 10.04 is a great choice as a building and testing target. It's
what I use for luapower too. There are many reasons for this:

 - you have a ppa for gcc 4.8.1 which is a few commands to install[1]
so you don't have to to compile gcc (few people can)
 - gcc 4.8.1 allows you to compile C++11 libs which there's an
increasing number of
 - building on 10.04 gives you binaries compatible down to eglibc 2.11
but most of them will be really compatible down to glibc 2.7 -- thus
you cover a lot more linux distros with your binaries, even some
ancient ones.