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On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 1:36 PM, Stefano <> wrote:
> Well, I am not too kin on having
> require 'zip'
> load different libraries depending on what has been installed.

one outsider [1] comment:  don't intermingle installation and loading.
it's nice to imagine that you can just "require 'anyweirdthing'" and
having it automagically installed and updated, but that doesn't work
well enough.  in part because it's missing crucial information.   the
user (or integrator, or a provided install script) should install the
required libraries and "require" should simply load what is available.

if i install lzlib, under ..../zip.lua, then i want it to be loaded
with require 'zip'.  if i install lua-zlib under that name, then that
same line should load it instead.

[1]: outsider because i still don't use any package management, i do
all my lua installations by hand and tailor the LUA_PATH for each
project.  yes, that means my views are skewed, but i want to help, I
do hope some package manager/ecosystem gets good enough to use it.