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> Why don't you just use the port or package ?

Im using that one now. I was curious to compile lua myself and understant
the package and tools it comes with. I see FreeBSD's package does ship
with .so and .a both. My goal is to make rrdtool [1] happy with lua, which it
seems not yet possible:

>  - # pkg install lua52-5.2.3_2
>  - configure rrdtool ... which ended up like this:
> checking for lua... /usr/local/bin/lua
> checking for lua >= 5.0... 5.2 found
> checking lua52/lua.h usability... yes
> checking lua52/lua.h presence... yes
> checking for lua52/lua.h... yes
> checking lua52/lualib.h usability... yes
> checking lua52/lualib.h presence... yes
> checking for lua52/lualib.h... yes
> checking lua52/lauxlib.h usability... yes
> checking lua52/lauxlib.h presence... yes
> checking for lua52/lauxlib.h... yes
> checking for library containing lua_call... no
> Lua headers found but not the libraries! Please reinstall the dev packages for Lua 5.2

It seems rrdtool is not correctly picking up lua and detecting the lua libraries.
Thats why I tried to build my own lua just in case to see the difference.

[1] -
Stefan Parvu <>