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Hello, everyone

I am happy to announce the release of lua-mode, Emacs major mode for editing Lua.
Here's what you'll get by upgrading:

- support for Lua 5.2 goto statements

- revisit of Lua subprocess handling, code now is sent to subprocess via
  loadstring rather than temporary files, which includes

  - support for running Lua interpreter remotely

  - proper stack traces for errors in the sent code

  - preservation of source file pathname

  - no more hang ups when sending code that produces no output

  - support for reading input via REPL window

- fix interaction with electric-pair-mode, no more double closing parentheses

- better -- but still not perfect -- indentation for nested blocks:

  x = foobar('arg1', function ()
  ^ this line is now unindented all the way back

- better consistency with Emacs ecosystem and user experience: over the years
  lua-mode has strayed from the community guidelines, fix that a bit:

  - fix character syntax hacks: '.' is now punctuation and '_' is now symbol

  - remove number highlighting

  - font-lock "nil", "true" and "false" as constants rather than keywords

- make font-locking of builtins more stable, enable it after ".." operator

- add missing modulo operator (%) to line-continuation tokens

Lua-mode's git repo now includes a stable branch which is also made available
via melpa-stable [1], so I'd encourage you to use it in case you're not up for
experimentation.  Otherwise, please do check out the latest version via melpa
[2] or el-get [3], it's already ahead of stable including several fixes.
There's been a surge of enthusiasm recently and I'm looking forward to
everyone's bug reports and feature requests more than ever.