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It was thus said that the Great David Demelier once stated:
> Le 11 juin 2014 10:30, "Axel Kittenberger" <> a écrit :
> >
> > But a switch statement in most script languages (like in Javascript) is
> syntactic sugar for if/else! That has always been the argument from the Lua
> team to why there is no switch statement in Lua. Not like for example in C
> where it is in fact a computed goto.
> >
> Unfortunately it still does not explain why there is no continue in Lua but
> break exists. This is one of my major hate.

  This is a topic that pops up from time to time, such as back in 2010:

  The result seems to be that continue in the presence of repeat/until is
undefined.  The example given:

	  if cond then continue end
	  local t = 1
	until t == 4

"continue" will skip ahead to the conditional, but when cond is true, then t
is undefined (locals in the repeat/until scope don't go out of scope until
after the until statement).  You might say that's okay, t returns nil, but
what about this?

	  if cond then continue end
	  x = { y = { t = 1 }
	until x.y.t == 4

you'll error out with an undefined reference (contrived, yes).  That was
apparently enough of a concern to keep continue out of Lua.