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Why there isn't math.sum in math or lmathx?

2014-06-20 21:39 GMT+08:00 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>:
>> I'm sorry to see some of the math functions go.
> A preview of my mathx library for 5.3 is availabe at
> It also contains a Lua script for generating most of the binding
> which may be useful for customization.
> Here are the function mathx contains:
> abs             cosh            fmod            lgamma          round
> acos            deg             frexp           log             scalbn
> acosh           erf             gamma           log10           sin
> asin            erfc            hypot           log1p           sinh
> asinh           exp             isfinite        log2            sqrt
> atan            exp2            isinf           logb            tan
> atan2           expm1           isnan           modf            tanh
> atanh           fdim            isnormal        nearbyint       trunc
> cbrt            floor           j0              nextafter       y0
> ceil            fma             j1              pow             y1
> copysign        fmax            jn              rad             yn
> cos             fmin            ldexp           remainder
> It includes the Bessel functions j0, j1, jn, y0, y1, yn, which I think are
> Posix extensions. The script for generating the binding can be easiy
> changed to skip these.
> These are present in C99 but have been omitted because I think
> they don't make much sense in Lua. Otherwise, please let me know.
>         remquo, nan(), ilogb, rint, lrint, lround, scalbln, signbit, fpclassify
> These will probably be added in the final release:
>         fegetround, fesetround
> Some function have been renamed to better names:
>         fabs -> abs
>         tgamma -> gamma
> Perhaps these changes should be done as well:
>         atan2 -> atan (as in Lua 5.3)
>         fmin -> min
>         fmax -> max
>         log -> accept an optional base
> Finally, like previous versions of mathx, this one adds functions the
> existing math library, overwriting the functions already there. This
> is a problem for abs (which works with integers as well) and log (which
> accepts an optional base; this one is easy to fix).
> All feedback welcome. Thanks.

Xavier Wang.