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2014-06-21 3:10 GMT+08:00 Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:
>> Very happy to see lua_rotate added! Thanks a lot!
>> But I still want to see a API can push multiple values, maybe lua_pushvalues?
> What would it do?
It may push several values to stack top, e.g.
lua_pushvalues(L, 5); /* copy top 5 values to stack top */

or it can accept 3 arguments and make lua_pushvalue as a macro to
lua_pushvalues? but I worry if that, It may difficult used in daily

Now we have multiple delete (lua_settop), multiple move/replace
(lua_rotate), but multiple pushes is lacked.

>> still miss the fast double/integer conversion, I have found l_castS2U
>> and l_castU2S can be defined out of lua, or maybe add
>> lua_number2integer, lua_integer2number, lua_unsigend2integer,
>> lua_integer2unsigned to luaconf.h? allow others to make the tricks.
> lua_numtointeger is there (check the manual); I do not see how the
> others could be better than a type cast.
> -- Roberto

Oh! I see, sorry for that.

It's can be used to perform IEEE tricks or others on some known
platforms (I can do this in my personal builded version :)

Xavier Wang.