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On Thursday, June 19, 2014 03:49:49 PM Andrew Starks wrote:
> Rule #1: Get thee from C to Lua as fast as possible.
> This means that your binding will look very much like C. Where it doesn't,
> it will most likely be due to memory management, and data types. The other
> differences are "true" and "false" and multiple returns. Here, Lua can make
> it less tedious and the amount of variance is probably a judgement call. 
> From there, you can, and according to your taste should, "do it all again"
> by wrapping the core binding around an object model. 

This is a useful rule when you want to take advantage of LuaJIT. The compiler 
can optimize Lua code very well. If your module has much of its logic hidden 
in the C module, those code paths will be hidden to the JIT compiler. So a 
thinner translation layer is preferred.

tom <>