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On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 9:09 PM, Aaron Faanes <> wrote:
> power and flexibility in writing a binding directly. A binding is a
> translation, so the original source should be respected as much as possible.
> This strictness gives people the freedom to use the original documentation
> (as was mentioned) and forget that they're using a binding much at all.

This is true, and appears to save the binder writing documentation for
the idiomatic Lua API.  It makes sense to the binder, because they're
fluent in C and can read any tutorials for the C API.  But it poses a
problem to a more casual user, who may not know C.  So it's worth
going the extra mile; and the thread (of course Coda!) is about doing
the extra idiomatic layer in _addition_.  Depends totally on the
intended audience of course.