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On 08/06/2014 23:07, Patrick Donnelly wrote:
Also, shouldn't LPeg be capitalized as LPEG since it actually is an
acronym so we can be consistent in our arguments concerning names [1]?

In French, and in HTML 4, there is a distinction between acronym and abbreviation (or, more exactly, "sigle" in French, abbreviation is more when taking the first letters of a name, like av. for avenue or min. for minimum, or dropping letters like Dr for doctor, Mr. for mister, etc.).

An abbreviation is just a bunch of capital letters (the initial letter of each word) with no obvious pronunciation. Like HTML, XML, UTF, PNG and similar. Sometime, there could be a pronunciation, but habits make them spelled out: USA, ONU, etc.

An acronym is a pronounceable abbreviation, like Ansi, Ascii (a bit stretched, but traditional), Unesco. Or Git, Gif (jiff...), Jpeg (jay-peg*).
The latter naturally lead to the pronunciation of Lpeg / LPeg.

In traditional typography, we wrote H. T. M. L. or H.T.M.L. vs. UNESCO.
In modern typography, we drop the dots for abbreviations, and the all uppercase for acronyms, as I wrote above.


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