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On 10 June 2014 08:45, Antonio Scuri <> wrote:
>   As I told you before, the target system for our pre-compiled
> binaries is Ubuntu. Not the regular debian Debian. That's why you need
> to do all these hacks. Probably it is also the same cause of the
> segmentation fault. Because there is also GTK involved.
>   In my opinion, "naive users" as you mention on your initial e-mail
> will choose to install an easy system. And Ubuntu seems to be the
> common choice.
>   Anyway, I never generated binaries for a specific version of libc before.
> Best,
> Scuri

Well, what I'm doing for my Linux LuaJIT binaries is to build them
using an *ancient* version of Ubuntu (I use Ubuntu 8.04 LTS) via
chroot, see for instance:

The distro compatibility of the resulting binary can be checked using this tool:

Even if not LSB-compliant you'll observe a very large degree of
compatibility among distributions if you build your binary using an
old version of libc as described above...