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Hello all:
I've stepped away from this project for a while in terms of the scripting portion because I was getting a bit lost in implementation. What I wish to do is expose some APIs to the scripting engine so that content can be added through my game engine. This is essentially a mud, so the APIs exposed are for adding and modifying rooms, etc.

I was hoping that perhaps someone could take a look at my code and just provide some pointers, or let me know if there's a better way to do what exists already. Most importantly, I'm curious if there are any good sandbox implementations using lua5.2, as setenv in 5.1 seems to be deprecated.
Most of my lua specific code can be found here, in scr_*.cpp:
I'm sorry for the direct link--I did not want to provide a couple thousand lines of code as an example. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Take care,
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