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> Sent: vrijdag 6 juni 2014 0:17
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> Subject: Managing IUP on Linux
> I want to use IUP with C, but my concerns should be the same as for Lua
> users.
> After reading through the IUP (v3.10.1) docs and playing with IupView
> and IupLua on Windows 7 for a while, it looks promising, but I'm having
> trouble with IUP on Linux. The first problem is that it demands only
> specific versions of linked libraries. I can get around some of it with
> symlinks, but I haven't figured out how to supply it with the version of
> glibc it wants without breaking my system. It also requires fiddling
> with path definitions. Finally, I'm finding that occasional LED calls
> cause segfaults (different things in different releases).
> So, the first thing I'm looking for is a detailed description of
> everything that needs to be done to get IUP working on an arbitrary
> Linux distribution.
> Second, I'd appreciate your advice on the general usability of IUP on
> Linux. My plan is to compile C programs for Windows/Linux and distribute
> them in packages with the appropriate precompiled dynamic libraries from
> Tecgraf. These programs are for naive users, so it is important that
> they can just unzip the archive on any distribution and run the
> executable. I've seen comments online to the effect that this may not be
> feasible with IUP due to instabilities and awkwardness of configuration.
> I chose IUP after careful consideration of many alternatives, but I'm
> afraid the Linux issues may force me to drop it.
> Thanks,
> WP
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I think Peter Drahos has included IUP in the LuaDist repository, so maybe you can find some clues there? (cmake based)