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consider changing the binary name to something other than "node", such as "lnode", "luanode " etc.? That's already the name of Node.JS's interpreter.

Actually there is already a name clash between Node.JS and Amateur Packet Radio in which both parties refuse to release their claim of the "node" binary in the default PATH. Node.JS claiming to be the hot new stuff and AMPR to be of little relvance while these claim to have a long history on that claim dating back into the 1980s and it would have been Node.JS responsibility to check for clashes beforehand.

Debian for example recently ruled in that conflict -- distros need to care -- against both parties. If they cannot come to an agreement, both have to release their claim on the binary name in that distro. NodeJS has to use 'nodejs' and AMPR 'ax25-node' breaking existing shell scripts and the like for both.

If you need to care depends, do you ever aim to have it available in the package manager of any Linux distribution? Do you care if anyone having installed either gets a conflict? (Other distros seem to keep the clash and you shouldn't have node.js and ampr installed at the same time?)