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It was thus said that the Great Andrew Starks once stated:
> Thank you for this. I may want to pick a different name than "URL" or
> adopt the official meaning, as you suggest. I'll have to read the
> specification, but I guess that means that I should technically error
> (probably 404?) if a slash is included and the target is a resource that
> is not a collection...

  There's also:

	400	Bad Request	(RFC-2616, section 10.4.1)
	403	Forbidden	(RFC-2616, section 10.4.4)	
	415	Unsupported Media Type (RFC-2616, section 10.4.16)

  Sending a 415 implies the request is totally bad and not just something
that may be missing on the server (or, you could play a cruel cruel joke and
return 410 Gone).