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Hi everyone,

It's my pleasure to announce LuaRocks 2.1.1. LuaRocks is a package
management system for Lua modules. (For more information, please visit )

Those of you who installed LuaRocks 2.1.0 using "make bootstrap" on
Unix may upgrade by simply running:

luarocks install luarocks

!!Note!! To ensure a clean environment when upgrading, the first
installation of LuaRocks should be done using the configure script
followed by "make bootstrap". Only use "luarocks install luarocks" if
your previous installation was done using "make bootstrap". Future
upgrades of LuaRocks will be able to check this automatically.

What's new since 2.1.0:

* Remote manifests are now compressed and locally cached, making commands faster
* New command "write_rockspec" which generates rockspec file templates
* detection of multiarch directories on Linux
* environment and performance improvements on Windows
* New --force=fast option for 'luarocks remove'
* New --local-tree flag for 'luarocks-admin make-manifest'
* Improved error checking
* plus assorted bugfixes

Major teamwork went into this release with coding, testing and bug
reporting from many people. In particular, kudos to Thijs Schreijer
and Philipp Janda for the exploratory work on the Windows front!

As usual, see the GitHub logs for detailed history and credits. And as
always, all
kind of feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you, enjoy!

-- Hisham