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Hi everyone,

I'm very happy to announce LuaRocks 2.1.0. LuaRocks is a package
management system for Lua modules. (For more information, please visit )

This release contains some major features and does not break
compatibility with the rockspec format. It brings three major changes:

* now it behaves by default like other package managers and removes
the previous version of a rock when installing a new one (if removing
old versions doesn't break dependencies) -- to get the old behavior,
use the new flag --keep.

* the install process in Unix now advertises 'make bootstrap' which
installs LuaRocks itself as a rock. I didn't get much feedback about
this feature in release candidate stage, but let's roll it out, see
how well this work, fix any quirks that show up and hopefully the next
release will be released both as a tarball and as a rockspec!

* the rocks server now features two manifest files, one for Lua 5.1
and another for 5.2; LuaRocks 2.1.0 will use the one corresponding to
the Lua version you're using it with, so search results will return
rocks suitable to your Lua version (ie, it will get you the latest
Lua-5.1-compatible rock even if the latest one is Lua-5.2-only -- this
depends of course that rockspec authors provided correct dependency
metadata; reports and fixes are always welcome).

I'd also like to point out that we're _this_ close to reaching 300
projects in the rocks repository (currently at 295)! Contribute
rockspecs by sending them to
and let's reach this goal. :)

What's new since 2.0.13:

* accesses manifest-{5.1,5.2} in remote servers to provide properly
filtered results for Lua 5.1 or 5.2
* Remove old versions when installing a new one and old versions are
no longer needed to honor dependencies.
* 'make bootstrap' is now an advertised option for installing LuaRocks
itself as a rock on Unix systems
* 'luarocks purge --old-versions' for cleaning up a local tree
* --keep flag to produce the old behavior of keeping old versions
around (can be made permanent setting keep_old_versions=true in the
config file)
* security config options 'accepted_build_types' and 'hooks_enabled'
* 'lua_version' is now available as a global for your config.lua
* new flags --lr-path, --lr-cpath, --lr-bin for 'luarocks path' for
use in scripts
* friendlier error messages
* plus bugfixes

As usual, see the GitHub logs for detailed history. And as always, all
kind of feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you!

-- Hisham