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On 25 July 2012 10:39, Laurent FAILLIE <> wrote:
>>  Yeah, Sputnik I went up ... two Vanguard flops ... the Explorer I ...
>> then Gagarin ... what an exciting time to be an American or a Russian
>> dreaming of space travel.
> Now, thanks to financial's that rule today world ... nobody dreaming
> anymore.
> (well, it's a joke, we are still having innovations but almost no projects
> that can motivate everybody has space adventure was :( ).

OK I will go well off topic in this off topic thread.
So you do not see flying to asteroids, Mars with an eventul landing on
Mars as motivating or inspirational ? How about the fast past advances
in computing, maybe tissue engineering which has recently been in the
news, remote exploration of the solar system and beyond, understanding
the system in which we live and the physics of it?