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> Hi Adam,
> yes I tried your code and it gives me back the reference adresses and
> not the names.
> I tried it again this evening and it give me back the names.
> My only conclusion is that this is one of these very seldom
> "external induced errors", which normally happens in an area
> located around 80cm in front of flat screens, tft monitor and such.
> Most often these occurences are accompanied by the clicking noise
> of around 104 switches placed on a PCB.
> These errors are known under the scientifically used abbreviation
> "M.E.".
> ...
> sorry...I dont know what went wrong the first. Now it works, and
> that is nice!
> Thank you very much! :)
> Best regards,
> mcc

No problem. PEBKAC errors are a fact of life; developers are no more
immune to them than end users!

/s/ Adam