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On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 1:48 AM, Vadim Peretokin <> wrote:
> I'm glad to see that this got an update - this puts Sputnik on the radar for
> me when choosing the next wiki.

Thanks! But don't wait until you need a _wiki_, since Sputnik can be
many other things as well. It really is a content-management framework
that happens to function as a wiki out of the box. My own primary use
of it is to run a photo album: Jim uses it for
a website with forums: LuaSnippets uses Sputnik
to collect snippets of Lua code:

What Sputnik really offers is: (1) a user account system, (2) a way of
storing Lua table-like "nodes" (yes, with prototype inheritance) in a
number of storage systems (file system, SQL, git), (3) a way to
display node data in different ways, extensible either by tweaking
templates or by plugging in custom Lua functions, (4) a way for users
to edit the nodes using the web UI, if you allow them to.

So, if your nodes store text with wiki markup, and your method of
displaying them is to convert wiki markup to HTML, and you let anyone
edit non-system nodes, then you get a wiki. But this is just the
default configuration.

  - yuri