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if I read this BNF definition:

stat ::=  ‘;’ | 
		 varlist ‘=’ explist | 
		 functioncall | 
		 label | 
		 break | 
		 goto Name | 
		 do block end | 
		 while exp do block end | 
		 repeat block until exp | 
		 if exp then block {elseif exp then block} [else block] end | 
		 for Name ‘=’ exp ‘,’ exp [‘,’ exp] do block end | 
		 for namelist in explist do block end | 
		 function funcname funcbody | 
		 local function Name funcbody | 
		 local namelist [‘=’ explist] 

than I tend to think that a valid Lua program would be:
snip 8-<
>-8 snap

But it isn't:
>lua -e "io.stdout:setvbuf 'no'" "test.lua" 
lua: test.lua:1: unexpected symbol near ';'
>Exit code: 1

Is the BNF code missleading (or wrong), or am I ?