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> > 2nd time I run into this; The GC method on a userdata appears to be
> > unable to remove the userdata (the one being collected, at pos 1)
> from the stack.
> >
> > In this case I have to forward the call to another function to do
> some
> > housekeeping, which I do not want to have access to the userdata, so
> > before making that call, I remove the userdata by calling
> > lua_remove(L,1). But this then gets punished harshly with a crash.
> >
> > It's not such a big deal to leave it there, just wondering why I
> can't
> > remove it and whether there is a workaround to it.
> It should be possible to remove it without any problem. It seems there
> is a bug somewhere. Just in case, have you tried to compile Lua with

I should stop making calls while L == NULL. Silly me.

Sorry about the noise.