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On 12 July 2012 05:32, William Ahern <> wrote:
> I've polished and published the initial release of cqueues, an embeddable
> asynchronous event and sockets library for Lua 5.2 and modern unix family
> platforms.

I just tried to clone your git repo but I'm just getting this error:

$ git clone
Cloning into 'cqueues'...
error: Recv failure: Connection reset by peer (curl_result = 56,
http_code = 0, sha1 = 6175852f43b12a9c73eb8e896d824bb37b4257f7)
error: Unable to find 6175852f43b12a9c73eb8e896d824bb37b4257f7 under
Cannot obtain needed tree 6175852f43b12a9c73eb8e896d824bb37b4257f7
while processing commit c264fc471a0443372032b876321399d297a8307b.
error: Fetch failed.