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What I’m aware of;


Tiobe ranking;

List of uses;

Performance between languages;

Performance (LuaJIT);






From: [] On Behalf Of Matheus Pimenta
Sent: vrijdag 13 juli 2012 2:00
Subject: Request for good statistics about Lua




I’m a Computer Science student at Universidade de Brasília and I’m Junior manager at CJR, Empresa Júnior de Computação of UnB.

Our mission in this Junior Enterprise is to prepare the students of the Computer Science course of UnB to the job market, through voluntary job.


I got the task (that I’m really enjoying, because of Lua) of bringing a nice programming language to our JE, for us to make some knowledge.

I read many things about Lua and I’m preparing a presentation to the whole JE.

To arouse enough interest, I would like to ask for some really good statistical data and colorful graphics about Lua, with comparisons of things like performance and acceptance, if anyone would like to contribute.

Besides, I have already prepared all descriptions, explanations and curiosities about Lua, but any contribution would be really apreciated!


Thanks in advance,

Matheus Pimenta

celular: (61) 8421-8578 | skype: matheuscscp


Programando, compilando e executando sonhos.

CJR - Empresa Júnior de Computação
celular: (61) 8447-8868 | website | twitter | facebook