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	Hi Laurent

	I'm sorry but I'm very busy these days.  I already have some
improvements made but not added to Github.  I'll try to find some time
to commit all of them and release a final version.

On Wed, 11 Jul 2012, Laurent FAILLIE wrote:
I found a problem as well with luaexpat (1.2.0-1). It treats Carriage
returns as string and not as space and consequently creating some noisy
entries in the resulting array.
	Yes, I know that, but I thought it was correct behavior.  Is there
any doc that states that we can omit any CR inside an XML document?
I know many times we don't want them, but I think this is not Expat's
problem, since it is supposed to read any XML document.  Anyway, I am
not sure if SOAP defines we can ignore "lone CR's between tags" (which
is what you're skipping).  I prefer to add a parameter to ignore them
or something that let this decision to the programmer.
	Anyway, thanks for the report (a diff would be sufficient :-)