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On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 8:46 AM, David Manura <> wrote:
> Would this fully replace 1.5.3 (used in LfW)?  Particularly, would it
> be loadable in a standard Lua interpreter (lua.exe) by providing a
> luaopen_luanet (like in 1.5.3)?

Good question. The original luanet.dll had two functions, one to
provide some C glue that can not be done in C#, and two to provide a
means to instantiate the CLR from a loadable C module.  I could not
find a way to compile this COM-heavy code in gcc but I know you have
experience with porting LuaCOM to gcc.  So yes, in theory it could be
done, and that would be the best solution for a Lua distribution, at
least on Windows (there is probably equivalent functionality available
on Mono)

There does not appear to be any direct C# support in CMake but the
compilation is straightforward and can be done with a custom command -
basically, identify the compiler used and choose the appropriate
preprocessor symbols for the platform.

> And if it's useful on Windows, is MonoLuaInterface the right name?

Well, every repo needs a name ;)  It's still a LuaInterface fork, in
the modern positive sense of the word.

> BTW, links to 1.5.x on are broken.

Yes, they've moved to Google code. here is their issue list:

steve d.