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> "setpause" 200 is the default.

Running over lunch @ 200 it did level out after growing ~150MB. The good news is that is isn't growing without bound. It's still odd that that particular pattern of script causes it to grow in this fashion.

>  collectgarbage("setpause", 50)
>  collectgarbage("setstepmul", 400)

Still growing although it does look like it might be leveling out faster. I'll have to run some longer term tests.

> You can also try the following code in your loop, to check what is going on with the registry:

The number of items in the registry isn't increasing. It is interesting that just adding code to count the number of items in the registry changes the speed at which the memory accumulates as well as when and at what level it flattens out at. 

One thing that might not have been obvious - in my test case, when I'm running 1000 scripts, those are 1000 lua states. So when it grows by 150MB each state is only growing by 150kB. 

Thanks for all of your help so far.