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On 08/07/2012 11:51, Patrick Rapin wrote:
    I want to export some data to an Excel file, so is there any binding to
handle xls file?

There are numerous versions for the native Excel files. Which one(s)
do you want to support ?
So it to say, if you want to export simple Lua data into a file that
Excel can read back, I would strongly suggest you to use CSV format or
This is what I normally do: write a text file with tabulations to
separate fields, and give a .xls extension to the file.
That way, double clicking on the icon opens Excel as expected and it
automatically recognizes that this is a text file (although recent
Excel releases give a warning that the extension doesn't match the
data format).

Actually, Office tends to hijack the .csv extension, naming the type "Microsoft Excel CSV file" or something like that. So, by default, even double-clicking on a CSV file showing such type description is enough to open it in Excel. There is also the right-click, "Open with" context menu likely to show Excel in it.

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