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Hi Pavel,

To enable introspection under Gentoo, 3 alternatives : 

#1 - enable globally by adding "introspection" in USE flags from /etc/make.conf

#2 - enable it for specific package by add this flag in /etc/portage/package.use
For example, for GTK, you can add a line like
x11-libs/gtk+    introspection

#3 - let portage decide itself for which packages introspection has to be enabled. To to that, remove "introspection" and "-introspection" from /etc/make.conf's USE. It's the solution I used as it's the safest one as Gentoo maintainers enable introspection only for package they are knowing there is no side effect.

then launch

    emerge --update --deep --newuse @world

to update all packages affected.

Does exist somewhere some tutorials about LGI ? If not, I have a brunch of examples I build for my own tests (window, button, ...), that I will be happy to share with U for inclusion in LGI packages.



PS : thanks as well for the tip regaring STOCK buttons :)