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> On 07/07/2012 17.12, wrote:
> > is this already known?
> >
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> I don't think so... or maybe I missed it. Interesting.

Back in 1985 or so TI were peddling, to educational establishments in
the UK and the USA, a package consisting of one of their machines,
with Scheme preloaded on the hard-disk, and a copy of the newly
published SICP ("Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"
by Abelson and Sussman). I attended a presentation of it in London,
because we had not yet made up our mind what language to use as an 
introduction to programming in the new computer-science degree
that we were hatching. In the end we decided to go with ML because
we thought types and polymorphism were too important to omit in the first

Anyway, this "TI is pleased to offer Lua scripting ... " in the cited 
URL sparked off this reminiscence. Maybe TI is awake to the educational 
virtues of Lua?

Gavin Wraith (
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