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This topic was brought up by Ca11um in IRC.
Basically is it correct that instead of calling luaL_openlibs to call
the luaopen_* functions separately (I notice they are not listed in
the manual)?

The following minimal code does not set the modules.( OOLUA::run_chunk
just runs the chunk checking for error etc it is not important.)

void foo (  )
	lua_State* lua = luaL_newstate();

//	luaL_openlibs(lua);
	luaopen_base ( lua );
	luaopen_coroutine( lua );
	luaopen_table ( lua );
	luaopen_string ( lua );
	luaopen_bit32( lua );
	luaopen_math ( lua );
	luaopen_debug ( lua );
	if( ! OOLUA::run_chunk(lua,"for k,v in pairs(_ENV)do print(k,v) end") )
		std::cout <<OOLUA::get_last_error(lua);

The output is:
setmetatable	function: 0x10004f489
collectgarbage	function: 0x10004f6ad
tostring	function: 0x1000500c5
loadfile	function: 0x10004fa45
unpack	function: 0x10006d52c
require	function: 0x1010476c0
module	function: 0x101047690
_VERSION	Lua 5.2
dofile	function: 0x10004fd2c
_G	table: 0x10103d2b0
xpcall	function: 0x10005001c
type	function: 0x10004f7b5
rawget	function: 0x10004f5f3
next	function: 0x10004f8bb
select	function: 0x10004fe20
tonumber	function: 0x10004f064
ipairs	function: 0x10004f9ce
assert	function: 0x10004fdb4
rawset	function: 0x10004f649
pairs	function: 0x10004f91e
loadstring	function: 0x10004fbd9
rawlen	function: 0x10004f58e
getmetatable	function: 0x10004f424
error	function: 0x10004f3a3
load	function: 0x10004fbd9
print	function: 0x10004ef1c
rawequal	function: 0x10004f53b
pcall	function: 0x10004ff9e