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I did the following on UNIX, which works fine (the plot pops up as
    out = io.popen("gnuplot -persist", "w")
    out:write("plot sin(x)\n")

Then I did this on Windows:
    out = io.popen("C:\\Programme\\gnuplot\\bin\\wgnuplot.exe -persist", "w")
    out:write("plot sin(x)\n")

Which opens a gnuplot window and displays the gnuplot prompt and plot

I would understand, if under Windows out would be nil.

But it seems I have created a halfpipe ;) : It opens the program
but writing seems not to work?!?!?

Is it possible, to make this working even under windows? And if Yes:

Thank you very much in advance for any help!

Have a nice Sunday! :)
Best regards,