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luaprompt is a simple library that provides a Lua command prompt
that can be embedded in a host application. It's meant for
applications that use Lua as a configuration or interface
language and can therefore benefit from an interactive prompt for
debugging or regular use.

Also included is luap, an interactive interpreter which tries to
mimic the standard lua interpreter as much as possible while
providing the extra set of features described below. Some
tweaking of the makefile may be required to get it to build.

luaprompt features:

    * Readline-based input with history and completion: In
      particular all keywords, global variables and table
      accesses (with string or integer keys) can be completed in
      addition to readline's standard file completion.

    * Persistent command history (retained across sessions).

    * Proper value pretty-printing for interactive use.

    * Color highlighting of error messages and variable printouts.

This release includes some pretty-printing and completion
bugfixes and improvements as well as support for file name
completion inside strings.

You can find more information as well as a download link at
luaprompt's homepage:

If your local mirror hasn't picked up the file yet and the link
is broken you can try this link: