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Hi Philippe,

On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 9:14 AM, Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:
> Yes, I saw your announcement in the Löve mailing list, and I did a brief
> test, using the no-install package (thanks for not making the installation
> mandatory!).
> I like the clean and simple interface, and a quick test of the debug feature
> (step by step) shown it is well made.

Thank you for the feedback. I was planning on a bit more detailed post
in love forums, but haven't found time yet.

> I appreciate that you use the Scintilla component (via wxStyledTextCtrl,
> yes?).


> Just a suggestion: it might be nice to display the value of a variable in a
> tooltip by hovering over the variable name. At least, that's a feature I am
> used to...
> Now, if it is hard to implement, selecting the variable (or clicking inside
> it) and hitting a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+I in Eclipse/Java editor) to
> get the information is fine for me.

I have this feature on my todo list, but haven't decided on a best way
to do that. There is also a watch window that can evaluate any
expression and is updated after each debugging step, so I was thinking
maybe a shortcut to add the variable to watch. I can also do a
shortcut or a tooltip that shows variable value "to the left", so, if
you hover over def in, it will show you abc.def value and
if you are over xyz, it will show you value.

> Also I found a strange behavior (bug?): even on Windows, I have the habit to
> start lot of my Lua scripts with #!Lua5.1.exe or similar.
> But I wonder why ZeroBane interprets this # in some way, doesn't display it
> and reports an error on the "!Lua5.1.exe" line...

It's a combination of two factors that I also noticed only recently
(as I don't use shebangs in Lua scrips): ZeroBrane studio recognizes
Markdown formatting in comments to provide instructions and
educational materials embedded in code fragments (for example, open
myprograms\welcome.lua). # indicates heading in markdown and for some
reason wxStyledTextCtrl styles shebangs as comments, which makes my
code to recognize and style it.

I'm not sure why it's causing an error, but it seems like a problem
with wxlua.CompileLuaScript() that doesn't recognize shebangs
(ZeroBrane Studio doesn't modify the shebang in any way, it just
styles it, which hides # and makes the font larger). I'll see if there
is an alternative or a fix for this.