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>> If you need something more powerful than JSON, then why don't just use the data structures that Lua already provides?
> It's what I do, I don't use JSON, I use Lua or XML to store data :)
> But Lua "data" is too powerful to be read by another language if you use functions, table as keys or circular references.
> (That's the reason of the first proposal.)

Stripping Lua down to a subset for the sake of making it easier to
parse in other languages is kinda silly when the whole point of Lua is
to be tiny and embeddable. It's ALREADY possible to just pull Lua into
most languages of choice through some means or another in order to use
it to parse data, if you trust that data. There's no need to invent a
proposal to do exactly what Lua was designed to do anyway, and if you
can't use Lua that way (for example for security reasons) you should
just use one of the other common tools like JSON.

/s/ Adam