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Hello Michal!

In order to report a bug, you need to have an account [0], and
then go to this URL: [1]. Let me know if you need more assistance, I'd be
happy to help. 
You might want to check if the bug you want to report is not [2] (for
which we plan to deliver a fix tomorrow btw!).

On a side note, perhaps you can send me an email off list so as I can try
to help you subscribe to the koneki-dev ML.



Le 27/06/12 17:13, « Michal Kottman » <> a écrit :

>Sorry for the slight OT, but I want to report a rendering bug
>regarding unicode to the Koneki Lua IDE for Eclipse. Can anyone help
>me with where should I post the bug report? For some reason I cannot
>subscribe to the koneki-dev mailing list...