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> I'm downloaded lua 5.2.1 sources and build it in visual studio 2010.
> Then I'm download lua 5.2.1 tests, and run just built release version of
> lua interpreter on them.
> And I get error "not enough memory".
> What doing wrong?

Probably this is a problem with the test suite, which is far from
being as well tested as Lua itself.

A possible culprit is some loop for testing the garbage collector that
is going weird. So it would be good to know whether there is really "not
enough memory".  Does it take long between printing "weak tables" and
the "not enough memory" error? Do you think the test is using lots
of memory?

> C:\Users\cNoNim\Documents\lua\tests>..\bin\Release\luai.exe -e"_U=true"
> all.lua

Can you run the following command?

  ..\bin\Release\luai.exe -e"_U=true" gc.lua

(Hopefully it will give the same error, so we can focus on the test

-- Roberto