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On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 12:38 PM, yoyomeltz yoyomeltz
<> wrote:
> hi,
> what is it that you are not capable of understanding?
> what i wrote seems clear to me.
> let me paraphrase.
> if there exists refman-5.0.pdf, why not a 5.2 version?
> as for .chm files here are a few examples.
> iup-3.5_Docs.chm
> cd-5.4.1_Docs.chm
> im-3.6.3_Docs.chm
> lua5_1_4_Docs.chm

(Please don't top-post. Mailing list etiquette says to put your reply
UNDERNEATH the content you're responding to.)

You said "what good is a language with no reference manual"? This is
what I was responding to: clearly, Lua has a reference manual.

Boo hoo if it's not a PDF file. Print to a file or something. Or
just save the HTML file so the hyperlinks still work. It's really not
that hard.

/s/ Adam