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Hello all.

I am pretty new to LUA.

I had heard of it over a year or so, but thought it was just for game development.


Now we are looking forward to develop some small software utilities for engineers to be used with a tablet.

We would like to run de apps in iPads and Android tablets (and probably windows 8 in the future).


Having the apps running under windows o linux would be great (in a traditional form, with keyboard and mouse).


As they are so radically different devices and development platforms, it makes sense to use a high level platform and scripting language like LUA (the apps won’t be power hungry).


I liked LUA language and its philosophy a lot.


But I don’t know which is the best widgets framework to use.


I have been reading about CORONA.


It can create apps for iOS and Android, and generate the packages to upload them to theapple market or  google apps market.


But it seems too oriented to the game development, its widgets seem rudimentary, and it don’t let us run the program in windows/linux.



The LUA universe seems to have pretty nice packages like CD, IM and IUP to draw images and to have a good set of widgets platform independent.


But IUP seems to run in Linux and windows, but I don’t know if somebody port IUP for the iOS and Android platforms.


As it seems to be developed in C, it should be portable to iOS, but Apple seems like not being happy with having other development platforms for iOS other than its Objective –C/XCODE.


Android is mainly based in java, so I don’t know if porting IUP and other LUA libraries is possible at all without huge recoding.


Is anybody out there using standard LUA libraries like CD and IUP for tablet apps development?


Once developed, may you put them in a package that can be distributed the iPAD and Android markets?


I know there is an SDK from Google for language scripting which supports LUA, but it seems to be targeted to use google set of widgets, and then the apps won’t be compatible with other OSES.


Thank you for your advice, opinions and guidance.