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On Jun 25, 2012, at 2:26, Michal Kolodziejczyk <> wrote:

> On 24.06.2012 20:02, Patrick Rapin wrote:
>>> NumberScript has a compact syntax.
>> Well...
>>  9795508356633822141337704998199448662254090
>> seems much more verbose to me than
>>  print "Hello Lua!"
> Seems to me there is room for optimization: AsciiScript of UTF8Script...
> Or even Base64Script :
> $ lua -l nixio -e 's="print \"Hello Lua!\""; print(nixio.bin.b64encode(s))'
> cHJpbnQgIkhlbGxvIEx1YSEi
> Regards,
> miko

Miko, clearly this syntax is more compact, but it borders on being unreadable.

It may require more time at the key pad, but I find the expressive
power of NumberScript to be worth the extra finger-wear. "Clever"
isn't always "better" when it comes to maintain-ability.