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Hi all,

winapi [1] is a compact binding to a useful subset Windows API,
including process spawning and management, finding windows, option to
work in UTF-8, Registry manipulation, timers and so forth; the online
documentation is here [2] and the downloads page has binaries for both
mingw and Lua for Windows.

Since the last release, some nasty concurrency issues have been sorted
out - we _only_ dispatch calbacks on the main Lua thread; if you use
winapi in a GUI program, then calling winapi.use_gui() will make it
synchronize callbacks with the GUI thread.

The registry functions are now documented, and Regkey:set_value()
takes an optional type parameter, so you are no longer restricted to
string data (it now uses the widechar version to be consistent with
other functions dealing with text).

The original impetus for this release is that wait_for_processes() did
not properly return the index within the array of processes - I needed
this for multitasking support in Lake. This function (which wraps
WaitForMultipleObjects) also will now wait for events, threads and
console events.

Thanks to all my testers and contributors!

steve d.