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On 21/06/2012 20.57, Gé Weijers wrote:
For insight into why MISRA C is well-intended but ultimately harmful:

Interesting reading, thanks. Shows how committees work :-)
I see two possible weak points in that paper, though:

- The analysis applies to retrofitting existing code, as opposed to code written to comply with MISRA C rules from the beginning.

- I suspect those 'noise rankings' could be inaccurate even in a retrofitting scenario, because the author implies a constant correlation between a fix and its probability of introducing a new error, regardless of the rule. For example, making old code conform to a rule such as "single exit point from a function" would have a much higher probability of introducing new problems, compared to "always use braces in conditional statements".

These are just my impressions; I have no experience of DO-178 or MISRA C, even if I routinely apply a number of those 'noisy' rules to my own coding.