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* On Fri Jun 22 03:49:15 +0200 2012, Craig Barnes wrote:
> On 21 June 2012 21:14, Ico <> wrote:
> > I have updated the (unofficial) Lua API man pages to Lua version 5.2.
> >
> > These are groff files which are generated from the Lua reference manual,
> > I did my best to create acceptable formatting but there might still be
> > some flaws.
> Hi, thanks for this. Is the script you used  to generate it available too?

Don't expect too much from it, it's pretty ad hoc and not something I'm
proud of. I 'preprocessed' the manual by hand by cutting out big pieces
and only leaving in the API function descriptions.

> By the way, your archives are using the ".tgz" extension but they're
> not gzipped. "tar xf" works but "tar xzf" gives the error "gzip:
> stdin: not in gzip format".

Could it be that your browser already decompressed the tar file for you?