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you refused answering my questions...
Are you a LUA coder/maintainer or just a 27 years old LUA "enthusiast"?
if you are not more than an enthusiast why are you impersonating LUA team members and deciding what they are going to do or not??? mmmhhh

--- On Mon, 6/18/12, Craig Barnes <> wrote:

From: Craig Barnes <>
Subject: Re: LUA oddities..
To: "Lua mailing list" <>
Date: Monday, June 18, 2012, 5:20 AM

On 18 June 2012 13:17, Patrick Masotta <> wrote:
> >There's no point in discussing this further, the Lua maintainers will not change this >behaviour, it would cause huge compatibility issues.
> Are you a LUA coder/maintainer?
> >Code styled this way is generally easier to understand because it's self describing
> might be the kind of person that paints the work "BRAKE" on your car's brake pedal just for getting a better "self describing" efect when you have to stop your car...
> >if understandability of your code decreases as your body of code increases (past a point) >then you have fundamental style and architecture issues that no amount of syntactic >futzing will fix
> how many compilers have you wrote??  how long was your longest program you ever wrote?? ...and they called me "arrogant" my God !

Seek help Patrick!