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于 2012-6-16 8:07, Sven Olsen 写道:
  function game_wrapper_mt:__index(key)
    return self.__proto__[key]

is that actually sufficient to make 
reduce to 
__proto__.out(__proto__,"foo") ?

i don't use the ":" sugar much, but, i didn't think it was that sophisticated... shouldn't it just yield
__proto__.out( my_game ,"foo") ?

well, if you would only have one object, it's totally OK to leave out the `self' or `:' syntax,
and use the __proto__ as an upvalue

however, if you might have lots of objects to wrap, each with its own wrapper table, then you must store this
wrapper -> real object map somewhere, either internal (a field of self) or external (use a weak map table).