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On 6/18/12, Patrick Masotta <> wrote:
>>Because they're indexes, not offsets from a base pointer.
> There a lot of positive things when a language makes the index=base pointer
> mostly when the language want to live in good terms with C/C++
>>Readability for non-programmers. Anybody with a half-decent text editor
>>will notice no difference in terms of effort to type.
> I see, a programming language for non programmers... well I think is time
> for LUA reviewing this, mostly if the programmer comunity ever becomes the
> target of LUA...
> Anyway, if you are a programmer you should understand that typing is not
> where the real effort is located... reviewing the code, understanding what
> you did one week, one month or one year ago, is where the real effort is
> really located....
> Pat

What a lovely little troll you are...