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On 18 June 2012 11:55, Patrick Masotta <> wrote:
> Considering myself “new” to LUA includes the already spent 4+ weeks working on it
> I would not ever posted anything here with less time on the language…
> I still think LUA would be a better language addressing these oddities I’ve mentioned.

The things that you mention are "oddities" in that they're different
from C conventions. They aren't necessarily inferior though, as you
seem to be insinuating.

For every new language I learn, I spend a period of time wanting to
"fix" the small things that bother me but ultimately, for the sake of
the greater ecosystem, it's not possible or even sensible to try. One
of the thing that makes Lua a great language is the good taste and
commitment to simplicity of the authors. Small syntax details aren't
really a pressing issue and are mostly subjective.