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On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 11:49 AM, Patrick Masotta <> wrote:
> I do not understand your answer when I can see a lot of energy focused on
> integrating LUA with C/C++ back and forth.

As before, /LUA/Lua/g

It is very common for Lua and C/C++ to be integrated, but they remain
very different languages. A good external API will present arrays as
1-based.  After all, they are not _offsets_ (as in C), they are
indices, and it's common in mathematics to index arrays from 1, which
is how we count anyway.

> I'm an Electrical Engineer and I strongly disagree with your point of view
> of an engineer having problems understanding 0 based arrays…

I should have explicitly excluded Electrical Engineers ;)  We're
talking about Mining and Civil Engineers here, different animals.
Sometimes they are the Client, and the Client may not want to be
educated further, especially if he/she is a very busy person.

Personally, it seems a bit silly to worry about 0-based indexing. You
can't judge the sophistication of a language by the fact that it does
not resemble some 'real programming language'.

steve d.